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Epson Stylus C20SX When I choose the first printer for yourself, it was quite a tight budget why I needed a printer-class low-end. But I wanted to take all the same for the minimum price the highest quality:). And I think at the time of purchase could choose what was best for is on the market for the poor and undemanding users. This allowed me not to curse the day when I decided to save money on your printer. I chose the Epson c20!!! He is a full struynikom, and very similar to the expensive printers, only slightly slower - print speed of only 1-2 pages / min. in normal mode. Permission had also slightly lower than that of his older brothers, but tell me honestly - you ever seen the difference between inkjet 1440 dpi and 720 dpi? I could not see her, although persistently tried. The printer can not print on thick media, but the cards can be ordered in a different place, and envelopes and postcards netolstye it quite accessible. He also does not have a large buffer, but it will suffice for simple images, which are usually printed on the printer. But honey without tar does not happen - he has and lacks. The first - a resource cartridges. Black cartridge will last for 300 pages of text, color and do the same at 150, and there are cartridges from Epson oh how dear. I quote here epson c20 specifications Epson Stylus C20SX A4 size 720 x 720 dpi Print speed 1.2 pages / min. Buffer / memory 12 Kb Tray Capacity 100 pages Paper Weight 64-90 g/m2 Cartridge Yield 300 pages Noise Level 45 dB Dimensions 424 x 227 x 168 mm Weight 2.5 kg Details www.epson.com My printer is fairly noisy, but consumes very little power and occupies a tiny area of ​​the desktop. And it is very cheap - I bought it for $ 60:). For that kind of money from all other models that have been on the market it was impossible to obtain such an accurate and tsvetootdachu such precise positioning of the drop, like my Epson C20SX. And the printer has never let me down in critical situations, I have accumulated a lot of information over time to use it further